Struct OperatorNodeProp::Attribute

Nested Relationships

This struct is a nested type of Class OperatorNodeProp.

Struct Documentation

struct mgb::cg::OperatorNodeProp::Attribute

operator attributs that can be directly modified

Public Members

int priority = 0

topo sort priority: smaller number means higher priority

Accessory accessory
Maybe<GradTracker> grad_tracker
OperatorNodeBase *src_opr = nullptr

if this operator is copied from another opr or generated by graph transformation from another opr, then src_opr would be the corresponding source operator

class Accessory

objects associated with this opr; their memory should be managed by some UserData class attached to the computing graph

struct GradTracker

source operator that creates this opr as its gradient

Public Members

OperatorNodeBase *orig_opr
VarNode *target_var
VarNode *wrt_var