Class PluginBase

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  • public NonCopyableObj

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class mgb::PluginBase : public NonCopyableObj

base class for plugin

A plugin is associated with a computing graph, and works by adding handlers to event listeners

Subclassed by mgb::CPUDispatchChecker, mgb::InfkernFinder, mgb::NumRangeChecker, mgb::OprIODumpBase, mgb::VarSanityCheck, mgb::VarValueChecker

Public Functions

~PluginBase() = default
auto owner_graph()

Protected Functions

template<class Sub, class Event>
void add_member_func_as_event_handler(void (Sub::* hdl)(const Event&))
void add_event_handler(SyncEventConnecter::ReceiverHandler &&hdl)
PluginBase(cg::ComputingGraph *owner_graph)

Protected Attributes

cg::ComputingGraph *const m_owner_graph