Class OprIODumpBase

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class mgb::OprIODumpBase : public mgb::PluginBase

Subclassed by mgb::BinaryOprIODump, mgb::TextOprIODump

Public Functions

~OprIODumpBase() = default
void flush_lazy() = 0

write lazy values due to comp_node_seq_record_level to file

Note: this is only effective when comp_node_seq_record_level is set. If compiled func is executed again without calling flush_lazy(), then previously recorded values would be overwritten and nothing would be recorded to file.

Protected Functions

void dump_var(VarNode *var, bool lazy_sync) = 0

subclasses should override this method to dump the value of a single var

  • lazy_sync: whether recorder is enabled, so we should synchronize and write to file only in the destructor.

OprIODumpBase(cg::ComputingGraph *graph)