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class mgb::InfkernFinder : public mgb::PluginBase

Find which operator in a computing sequence is currently running and support dump input values.

Public Functions

InfkernFinder(cg::ComputingGraph *graph, bool record_input_value)
~InfkernFinder() noexcept
InfkernFinder(cg::ComputingGraph *graph, GlobalState *global_state)

this constructor should not be called by user

cg::OperatorNodeBase *write_to_file(const char *fpath)

write execution status to file


the first operator whose output is not finished; or nullptr if all finished

InputValueRecord::FullRecord get_input_values(size_t opr_id)

get previous input values for dumped operators

struct InputValueRecord

copy of var values for helping opr debug

Public Types

using FullRecord = std::vector<std::pair<VarNode*, InputValueRecord>>

Public Members

size_t run_id
HostTensorND val